To open additional settings control panel, click "Settings" icon in the upper right corner.

Auto logon (1). In case if you already have a Streamster account, you are able to activate this feature for automatic login after starting the application.

Top most window(2). Choose "When compact" to pin your Streamster window on top of other windows, "Always" to pin it on top in any mode, "By pin in titlebar" to activate this feature manually in any mode, or "Never" to disable the feature. 

Enable video preview (3). With this feature, you are able to see the video from your camera when you are choosing a device from the list. Please note, that if you have any issues with choosing a certain camera, we recommend disabling this option.

Start stream to cloud when (4). There are two variants when Streamster starts streaming to the Streamster cloud: once the application is started or when the first channel is on. Choosing the first (default) option will help you to test your network before the stream to the website is started.

Encoder type (5). We recommend not to change "Auto" in most cases.

Performance vs. Quality (6). Choose "Speed" option if you have encoder or processor overload, and "Quality" option if you have free resources.

Path for recordings (7). Choose the folder on your computer where recorded videos will be stored.

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