Lite pricing plan specifications:

- Price: $30/month or $0,48/hour;

- Max number of outgoing streaming channels: 4;

- Max bitrate: 8000 kbps;

- Usage time: unlimited (free for a monthly subscription and paid for usage time tariff);

- Bandwidth: unlimited;

- Video Resolution: unlimited;

- Endpoints: any platforms that support RTMP streaming;

- Transcoding (different settings for different platforms): 2 sets;

- Users' support: included.

To switch your pricing plan to Lite:

Step 1: Log in to your personal account:

Step 2: Choose "Pricing plan" section

Step 3: Choose "Lite+ (monthly subscription)" or "Lite+ (per hour usage)"

Step 4: Pay for a monthly subscription or refill your personal account for any amount ($2 minimum).

The monthly subscription is active unless you cancel it. After your first month of usage is expired, it is extended automatically using the chosen payment method. If you cancel your subscription your pricing plan will be switched to Basic once the current month is expired. If we are unable to charge you for the next period, the subscription will also be canceled and your account will be switched to a Basic pricing plan.

Usage time pricing plan is active unless you have a positive balance on your Streamster deposit. Once your balance is below zero, the pricing plan is switched to Basic.