Streamster App for Windows is software to set up your video scene and stream it to multiple destinations. You can use your web camera(s) or screen as a source, and use filters, zoom, watermarks, etc. to make your live stream perfect. So if you have a Windows PC and need an all-in-one tool to create and multistream your live video, Streamster App for Windows is all you need - just download and install it. Creating an account is not required for using Streamster App, however, it makes additional features available.

Streamster web app is available with the following URL: You can use it to manage your Streamster account. Also, you can use it for restreaming. So, if you prefer using different software (OBS, Wirecast, etc.) to create your live stream scene and need Streamster for multistreaming only, there is no need to download and install any software. You need just to create Streamster account and log in there in the browser using your PC or Mac.

Streamster app for Android/iOS is a tool for live streaming and/or controlling your PC stream from your smartphone. The app is free and available in the Play Market and App Store. Please note, that before using the app, your account is needed to be set up on the PC using Streamster App for Windows or Streamster web app.